Hook ’em and Cook ’em

December 27, 2016 | Tampa Downtown | Activities

Written by: Greg Jasso

Back in June, our staff here at the magazine experienced for themselves how easy it was to take a guided fishing trip from the Riverwalk in Downtown Tampa. But in the true TAMPA Downtown Magazine spirit, we took the fishing excursion one step further by asking Café Dufrain—one of downtown’s finer restaurants—to cook our day’s catch. In other words, we hooked ‘em and the restaurant cooked ‘em. Café Dufrain, CENA, Malio’s and this month’s featured spot, Spain Restaurant and Toma Bar, are among the downtown restaurants that will gladly cook up whatever it is you happen to hook on your excursion. We enjoyed the experience so much, we’ve chronicled a few more since then. And our longtime photographer, Gabriel Burgos, has always had the misfortune of being on the other side of the camera, always watching everyone else enjoy the sun, fun and fishing while he clicks away to capture that perfect shot. So, on our latest trip, we flipped the script and put him on the other side of the lens, making him our featured fisherman. Check out his catch and the delicious meal that followed that evening.

TAMPA Downtown senior photographer, Gabriel Burgos, on his way to the fishing grounds.


Passengers and crew

The Angler
Gabriel Burgos, Senior Photographer
TAMPA Downtown Magazine

The Captain
Oliver O’Riordan,
Tampa Fishing Charters

Caesar A. Carbajal


Captain Oliver cleans Spanish Mackerel for the evening dinner at Spain Restaurant.

Dining and Fish Preparations

Crunchy Mangrove Snapper
Breaded with almonds and cornflakes, topped with pineapple vinaigrette which has cilantro, red onions, jalapenos, tomatoes and lime juice

Shark al Limon
Lightly floured, pan fried and served with olive oil, onions, lemon and capers

Spanish Mackerel in our Signature Green Sauce
Served with clams, onions, garlic, parsley, bay leaves and Spanish white wine


Later that evening, dining on the days catch – prepared at Spain Restaurant in Downtown Tampa.

The Restaurant
Spain Restaurant & Toma Bar

The Executive Chef
Chef Maria Castro



Get fishing with Captain Oliver: 
Tampa Fishing Charters, Inc.
(813) 245-4738

Participating restaurants:
Café Dufrain
Malio’s Prime Steakhouse
Spain Restaurant & Toma Bar