Local Studio Makes Working Out Hip

April 27, 2017 | Tampa Downtown | Activities, Fitness

The Hip Room Dance Studio is a studio designed around the needs of the students

Written By Haley Ward

With a full weekly schedule, dancers of all ages and experience levels can take ballroom, ballet, social dancing and wedding dance choreography classes. If you are sick of your boring routine workouts, the studio offers brand-new fitness classes such as Cardio Dance, Pound and Turbo Kick to mix things up.

The studio, owned by Rita Bauer and Matthew Garfinkle, offers much more than dance and fitness classes.

“Our studio is about our community, working together, supporting each other, and believing in one another so we can and will reach each of our own goals,” Garfinkle says.

The two owners, both passionate about dance, designed the studio to have an individual structure set up for each student. After a brief consultation for new students, the instructors will create lessons to fit the students’ pace and needs so that each and every student can get the most out of their experience.

The Hip Room Dance Studio is located in The Heights two blocks east of Ulele and is a large two-studio ballroom with a stage. Bauer says she “loves when the ballroom is full of people dancing and having a great time.”

The Hip Room Dance Studio
1701 N. Franklin St.
(813) 227-9600 • thehiproom.com