Painting with A Message

August 18, 2017 | Tampa Downtown | Art, City

The artists of Traditional and Digital Arts, also known as Tada!, create art with a twist. The vision for the work is to incorporate the influences of fine art painting, computer design and digital reproduction. Each piece of art is created with the specific client in mind; the client’s every desire is taken into consideration.

This concept of originality is seen in one of the newest Tada! murals, located in the Channel District. “Be Your Own Spotlight” was created by Meaghan Farrell Scalise, a Tada! artist. Located on the side of the artists’ building at 108 N. 11th St., Scalise created a mural filled with beautiful hues of blues and purples that stand out against the area’s industrial buildings and apartment homes.

However, the real star of the artwork is the little dog at the bottom right corner, seen howling and casting a large shadow of a wolf in the moonlight. The inspiring words, “be your own spotlight,” are centered inside the wolf to create a powerful message. Scalise says that the purpose of this mural is to “get people to look inwards and consider their own courage and determination.”

108 N. 11th St., Channel District
Meaghan Farrell Scalise, Tada! artist